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Fiber Laser Marking System
ALF-N Series Print
Laser Marking System
Fiber Laser Marking System
Autonics Laser Marking System ALF-N Series is equipped with a diode-pumped pulsed fiber laser and can be used to mark on metal and plastic surfaces. The air-cooled ALF-N Series has compact dimensions so that it can be integrated into any existing handling system or in-line production. The laser markers boast top quality marking with a long life cycle and low maintenance.

* Advanced laser marking system using optical Fiber
   - All process from light pumping to laser output is completed within the fiber cable (Optical alignment not required)
   - Excellent durability with long life cycle laser diode (over 100,000 hours)
   - Lightweight design, easy to move and set up
   - Easy operation with laser software "AutoMarker II"
* Customized solutions for various needs
   - Customized products and services
   - various options available for customization
* Low maintenance and parts replacement cost
* Independent 3-axis control with stepper motor and motion controller
* MOF function for efficient marking without standby time