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After Sales Service
Autonics is committed to deliver customer satisfaction by implementing comprehensive after sales service.
After Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority. Backed by a nationwide service network and skillful personnel, we deliver complete and comprehensive after sales service.

A/S General Terms
We provide total after sales service to each and every products from PT. Autonics Indonesia. Please make sure that the Autonics products you purchased come with proper packaging boxes and invoice from distributors or retail stores where you purchased.
Especially for the products under warranty, you will receive spare parts warranty service and free service fee with terms and conditions apply.
You can propose repairing service within at most one year after purchase. Meanwhile for other product damages which are not caused by human error, you can enjoy the service for three years. Defective products should be equipped with packaging boxes, manual boxes, as well as invoice from distributors or retail stores where you purchased.
For more information, please contact our Customer Care Center on 0800-1-288664 or

How to Apply for A/S Service
You can utilize after sales service by submitting the defective products to the distributors or retail stores where you purchased, or by A/S Team direct visits to your production site.
Before repair, you need to fill out the application form in our authorized distributors, retail stores, or in our Autonics Indonesia’s A/S Service Center. Afterwards, our professional A/S engineers will thoroughly examine the defective products for any symptoms and causes of damage.
A/S Timeline
Normal period of service for Autonics Indonesia A/S Service Center is between two or three days, but it may take longer time depending on the condition of products, certainly with advance notice to the concerned customers.
In case the damage is too severe (by user’s fault), then the product cannot be repaired.
A/S Submission Procedure
If the products are received from distributors or retail stores where you purchased:

If the products are received directly by A/S Service Center or from A/S Direct Visit:
A/S Service Center Contact Information
For ASEAN and across Indonesia
A/S Service Center Autonics HQ Jakarta
Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 171, Cawang, Jakarta Timur
Tel: 0800-1-288664 (Toll Free)

For East Java region
A/S Service Center Autonics CS Surabaya
Ruko Waru Gateway Blok F, Waru, Sidoarjo
Tel: 031-8551348, Fax: 031-8551346

For West Java and Central Java region
Autonics Customer Service Bandung
Jl. Peta (Lingkar Selatan) Ruko Kopo Plaza Blok B, No. 23, Bandung
Tel: 022-6040221, Fax: 022-6040411

Autonics Customer Service Semarang
Ruko Saka Square B 18, Jl. Brigjend Sudiarto 75B Gayamsari, Semarang
Tel: 024-76928615, Fax: 024-76928615